How do you manage your social media, diary, emails, google analytics, travel and accommodation and typing tasks? If you can't justify a full-time PA, you can certainly benefit from a part-time PA without committing to an employment contract.

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Diary Management


If you understand the importance of effective diary management, then you know that it can be like a job on its own. Get someone who can assist you with daily appointments, reminders, travel time and location.

Inbox & Emails


Here is another job on its own - inbox management, sometimes called ‘housekeeping’.  Decluttering your inbox can be a real time consuming pain. So much junk mail and communications of little importance.  It's hard to spot important or urgent emails.  Imagine accessing your inbox and noticing that, instead of 100 emails, you have only 10 to deal with because your PA has already efficiently filed those that needed filing, flagged those that need to be actioned and safely deleted all spam and viral emails. And if any emails can be actioned by your PA, the job is already done!

Google Business


You can hire a digital marketing company to set up a Google business account for you, but you’ll be surprised how easy it is to do it. A Google ads account is slightly more complex but it really isn’t brain surgery. The easiest of all but definitely time consuming, is to retrieve analytics and preparing a report, so you can easily identify your Adwords potential and what works.

Social Media

From setting up social media platforms for your business, to running daily campaigns. You also need someone to collate information and generate analytic reports, so you can see what kind of engagement you have had on social media.

Event Management

2018-02-26 13.27.48.jpg
  • Catering/Parties/Dinners

  • Restaurant Bookings

  • Conferences/Functions

  • Networking Events

  • Working Lunches

  • Office Events

  • Events and weddings in Portugal



Audio typing, copy typing, transcriptions - typing at 60 words per minute and ensuring that any grammatical errors and sentence structure are amended and improved. Efficient, professional typing isn’t just about speed and accuracy, it is also about formatting text - you want it to look good on paper. No one likes to read a document with poor structure. Presentation is key to any document being read or signed by a client.



Any database needs to be properly managed in order to serve its purpose.  It is vital that your database manager knows the importance of relevant information for future use.  Here is a tip: have a copy of your lists for newsletters and invitations on an excel spreadsheet using only 3 columns – Name/Surname/email.  Another reason to properly manage a database is your expenses prior to being handed over to the accountant. You can cut down on accountancy costs by allowing your PA to manage some of your bookkeeping.

Director’s Tasks

directors tasks.JPG

Do you cycle around town for meetings, run around like a headless chicken trying to make it all work? You’re busy! Your memory capacity, no matter how fantastic it may be, does push unimportant things to the back of your head. What’s initially unimportant does become urgent at some point. You don’t have to worry, though. Your PA has got you covered, managing your reminders.

Travel & Accommodation


Train tickets, flight tickets, hotel or bed and breakfast - have it all booked by your PA.  Finding the best flight or train fares and organising your accommodation where hospitality is at the heart and soul of your hosts is time consuming and can easily be outsourced.  

Courier Services & Office Supplies


From parcels to documents, working lunch orders, business cards, stationery, courier services and office supplies - all can be managed by your Executive PA.